Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console has an ever-growing catalogue of exclusive titles. For those who aren’t aware, exclusive games are those that can’t be found on a competing machine. However, there are different variations, types and meanings, which are explained next:

  • Full Exclusive – When the game is released with exclusively to one platform.
  • Platform Exclusive – When the game is released with exclusively to a single family of consoles.
  • Console Exclusive – When the game is released for a single console in addition to PC.
  • Timed Exclusives – When the game is exclusive to one platform (or family of platforms) for a limited time.

Xbox 360 exclusive games are therefore regarded as unique and fans of the console prefer these over mainstream options.

Here we look at some popular Xbox 360 exclusive games that are available for the Xbox 360 console. Below you can find our selections which are available to order and purchase – the release dates are also listed for convenience.

Product name Release date Rating Price
Dead Rising (Xbox 360) Dead Rising (Xbox 360) September 8, 2006 £14.29
Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360) Gears of War 2 (Xbox 360) November 7, 2008 £3.95
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